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  • Mechanical designer
  • Design Department
  • 1
  • Yilu company
  • 2016-02-04

Job requirements:

  1. gender: woman; 

  2. age: 28-35 years of age,married;

  3. home address:Shenyang XinChengZi peripheral or tieling city periphery;

  4. work experience: mechanical design or related major,engaged in mechanical design work more than 3 years,skilled use of CAD, Solidworks and other graphics software,understand the Office software;

  5. working personality:for self-study ability,careful,rigorous,able to adapt to repetitive work;

  6. salary: salary negotiable。

   Contact: Minister Zhai

   Contact phone: 18202432833

  • Mechanical designer
  • Design Department
  • 1
  • Yilu company
  • 2015-09-24

Job requirements:

1.the professional: mechanical design related professional.

2.work experience: in the elevator design work for 5 years, to the elevator has a comprehensive understanding and           knowledge.

3.working personality: with professional ethics, personality, self-discipline, strict work, positive attitude.

4.drawing tools: skilled use of CAD, Solidworks and other graphics software.

5.home address: Huanggu District, east district is a plus.

6.salary: salary negotiable.

Contact: Minister Zhai

Contact phone: 18202432833

  • Sales staff
  • Sales management
  • 5
  • Shenyang
  • 2015-07-15

Job requirements:

1.gender: no limit; age: 22-50 years of age.

2.elevator sales, or other industry sales experience is preferred, can travel or resident.

3.bear hardships and stand hard work, strong sense of responsibility, high loyalty, positive and optimistic, good at communication, response, with advanced marketing ideas and a certain market analysis and judgment.

Post treatment:

1.salary negotiable.

2.the probation period is three months, after the positive pay five social insurance and one housing fund.

Contact: Feng minister 024-88256662/15840482086

Email: lnbfdt@hotmail.com

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